Glass Ribbon - Wedding Videography | TERMS AND CONDITIONS
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A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure the services of Glass Ribbon. Booking is confirmed once deposit is received. The remaining balance will be invoiced upon completion of the video edit, and is due within 21 days upon the Client receiving the draft copy of their DVD. Final DVD will be provided once payment has been finalised.


All videos are copyrighted by Glass Ribbon with all rights reserved. Any duplication or distribution must be authorised by Glass Ribbon.


It is the Client’s responsibility to provide Glass Ribbon with specific requests and ideas for their video no less than 2 weeks before the wedding. An amended services quote will be provided if applicable. If something occurred on the day that the Client does not want to appear on the final video, the customer must instruct Glass Ribbon no less than 14 days after the shoot date. If upon request an evaluation DVD copy of the video has been delivered to the Client any changes must be requested within 14 days.

When commissioning the services of Glass Ribbon, it is the Client’s responsibility to view samples of Glass Ribbon’s work and decide they are satisfied with their quality, video production capabilities and artistic style.

Clients are entitled to a maximum of 3 specific changes to their video. Permissible changes include removal or insertion of footage (if available), changes to music selection (if applicable).

Changes in the finished product to accommodate aesthetic or personal tastes will result in additional fees unless the requests were disclosed during pre-wedding consultation.

As of July 2015 our current rate for re-editing is $85 per hour. Re-editing is available to the Client for a period of 14 days after delivery of the final video, after which time, Glass Ribbon reserves the right to delete all footage and data related to the Client’s video.



The Client is aware that restrictions imposed by present parties, and the constraints of the physical environment, safety,  weather, and acts of God can affect the quality and extent of video coverage possible. In the event of any issues that may arise on the shoot day, is the Client’s responsibility to provide Glass Ribbon with the contact details of an individual we may consult with if necessary. Glass Ribbon guarantees coverage of all events only within the bounds of any restrictions and constraints of the physical environment, safety, weather and acts of God. Glass Ribbon cannot guarantee coverage of outside events during inclement weather. Unless otherwise stated, the customer is responsible for obtaining all permissions and clearances, and adequate shelter from inclement weather and extreme temperatures are required by Glass Ribbon to operate.


We cannot have our equipment out and filming in the rain/drizzle under any circumstances. To ensure minimal restrictions on events coverage, please advise all parties and entities involved of our presence and purpose.

Please allow between 6-12 weeks for video completion and delivery.

If you have booked our videographers to cover your reception, meals must be provided to ensure optimum coverage of your wedding.

Additional travel and/or accommodation costs will apply if the wedding destination is in excess of 50km from the Perth CBD.